It’s really a tricky question because it all depends on each and every husband. Also, it depends on the wife as well, whether she is willing to wear the clothes in which the husband wants to see his wife. Sometimes the husband is very bold and open whereas the wife is a little bit reserved or she has never worn the dress before in her whole life. At this point, I will suggest to all those wives to get a little bit bolder as your own husband is giving you permission to wear a dress which he has bought for you and that too in the bedroom.

So by doing this, the husband would be happy and also it would add some spice in your sex life as well. Also, even the wife would feel more confident by wearing a dress which she has never tried before. Some husbands like their wives to wear saree, low waist type like a heroine of any film. Some will like their wife to wear sexy lingerie, baby doll dresses. Some husbands really didn't care of the dress, they want their wife to be nude whenever she is in front of him.

There are 2 types of men, One is those who just believe in banging their wife without any romance. While the second category knows about the foreplay and the art of seduction so that the women could get ultimate orgasm.

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