Lingerie is just pretty underwear, and I wear it for me.

Wearing a matching bra-and-panty set makes you feel stunning, even if you look like crap on the outside. It’s a huge confidence booster, especially if it’s sexy or pretty and you’re comfortable.

I started wearing lingerie at 14. I couldn’t find a plain white bra in my size for school (we had uniform and white went best under our shirts), so I moved from the ‘functional’ section of underwear to the ‘sexy’ section, which is lingerie. I picked up two different white bras with matching panties for school, and once I realised how good it made me feel, I slowly transitioned to wearing lingerie almost all the time.

I have 5 bras that I wear on an everyday basis that are lingerie, and 4 sports bras for periods and hospital stays. I have 7 pairs of basic knickers for my period and for hospital stays, but the rest match with my bras. I have three bodysuits that I brought to go specifically under certain items of clothing but are comfy enough that I’d wear them all the time, and I have one bodysuit that I’ve worn to please my (ex) partner.

Lingerie can, and does, please your partner. But I wear it for me. It’s comfortable most of the time, and it always makes me feel amazing.

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