Physical beauty is almost the last attribute that makes a woman attractive to me. Let me explain. It is not that I don't like beautiful women. In my experience, physically beautiful women, who know that they are beautiful, are too self absorbed to notice anyone outside themselves. That is a huge turn-off. You can almost guarantee that the sex will be terrible too especially since it will be a one-way traffic, the worst kind of sex there is.

The women that I find myself most attracted to are those who are intellectually sharp and have a great sense of humour especially repartee.

My theory is that most of the average looking women, who know they are average looking, take extra efforts to develop other attributes like the ones I mentioned. That is their way of compensating for lack (sometimes perceived) of physical beauty.

Plus since most men are also average looking, they know at the back of their mind that getting attracted to a super beauty is a dead end. John Nash actually explained this very well in the movie A Beautiful Mind. The case in point was why it was a bad idea to go for the super hot blonde.

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