Getting your woman to feel sexy isn’t as simple as you think. Saying, “Baby, you lookin’ good!” and pumping her bones just doesn’t cut it anymore. Yes, telling her how beautiful she looks is important, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. You have to make her feel it deep down and she has to truly believe it.

Your woman doesn’t feel sexy every single moment of every single day. Your woman might wake up and think she looks disheveled with Willy Wonka hair. Maybe she’s had a rough time at work and is tired, un-showered, and stressed out. Maybe she’s just too distracted to focus on being intimate. You must believe that it’s part of your job as her partner to keep her feeling positive, radiant, beautiful, and attractive.

Even I’ve made the mistake of letting myself get “too comfortable” and relaxing in a relationship before – I think most of us men have done this at least once. As men we take for granted what we have and stop reminding the one we love of her allure. Next thing you know, things aren’t hot as they used to be and you’re frustrated trying to figure out where the spark went. You’re asking her straight out for sex and then complaining when she doesn’t feel up to giving you any.

Even though you can’t logically convince a woman to be turned on. You have to tap into her emotions and get her to feel excited for you. She should be craving your touch and longing for the closeness intimacy brings.

Imagine this! When you make a woman feel hot, it makes her want to be hot for you. She’s more passionate, sexual, and confident about herself. You then see things in a different way. When she does simple things you look at her differently. You notice things like the way she arches her back when you making love ❤️. Her every curve of her body. The way she sits when she’s next to you, or something hat look of happiness in her eyes when she reaches her ultimate moment.

When she feels good about herself, It gets her thinking about how much she wants you because of how much you desire her. It keeps the fire burning between you and the sexual chemistry on full blast.

So now my real question is do we know how to get her there?

For all the love that is squandered, I’ll be there to pick up the pieces.

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