I'm going to get shit for this, but…

I don't wear them. Unless I'm wearing an outfit that requires it for modesty. They are so uncomfortable! Even the $30 Victoria's Secret panties. Always riding up and having to be pulled out of my crack. Ugh. I'm on a birth control that allows me to NOT have a period at all, so no problem there, I WASH daily so I don't have any problem smelling “fishy,” as another Quoran pointed out in their answer. I think it helps. More airflow…

I work with a bunch of guys, crawling around airplanes, doing maintence and safety checks, and every time I try to wear panties I spend half the day pulling them out of my butt. And no matter how discreet I try to be… they notice. I hate wearing panties. Probably should have gone anonymous on this one… But fuck it. If I'm wearing a mini skirt.. Different story. But those days are few and far between now, so….

I do have a few cute bra and panty sets that I wear for my husband now and then, when I'm trying to get his attention LOL. But they don't stay on very long, and I don't see the point in wearing them all the time. And my husband gets a real kick out the fact that I DON'T wear them. Please….. another woman, tell me you understand.

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