Firstly, how do you pleasure yourself without panties or lingerie? There's no reason you can't do the same whilst wearing them.

As someone else said, experiment and see what you like. It's even better (and yes, I speak from experience) if you have a partner, friend or whole group watching. They can then get involved and take your masturbation to a completely new level that you'll NEVER forget.

For me, I like to touch myself through the fabric. Then I finger myself. HARD! All the while my partner will be watching and masturbating himself. Then when we're both ready, he'll penetrate me while I carry on fingering myself, so it's a joint effort. Sometimes with panties, sometimes without.

If you have more people there, get them involved. I'm sure they'd love to see your pleasure and when they know what you can do for yourself, you can do it for them.

Like one person mentioned for example, you don't have to eat a cucumber (or the smaller end of a butternut squash - that one was filling!)

I really shouldn't answer these. Now I have to touch myself

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