I think that women wear lingerie for both themselves and for there man. What they don’t do is think about why a lot of men enjoy a woman in lingerie. A woman in lingerie is attractive to a man for a couple of reasons. First, if you are wearing some revealing lingerie, the man knows what your intentions are. He knows that the evening will end up in love making.

The lingerie is revealing and, at the same time, concealing. His imagination runs wild and he starts getting turned on.

My suggestion to any woman who wears sexy, revealing lingerie, is that she do so early in the evening. Maybe invite him over for a home cooked meal and to watch a movie on TV. When he arrives, be wearing lingerie covered by sexy clothes that are barely revealing. This will get his imagination working, which gets his dick working.

Then at some point, accidently spill something on yourself and, in your haste to prevent it soaking through onto your lingerie, quickly remove your outer clothes, run into your room, and put on some kind of cover-up. It would be best to make it something way too warm for the temperature in your home, and return to finish the meal, apologizing for the spill and for the cover-up, which was the only thing you could find quickly. If the cover-up is a robe with a belt, take the belt off and hide it. Hold the cover-up closed closed with your hand, explaining that you couldn’t find the belt.

After dinner, and at the start of the movie time, ask him if he would mind if you lost the cover-up because it was just too hot. He will typically have one of two answers. He may say something like he agrees and that he has no problem with you loosing the cover-up. Now you are where you want to be, with just your sexy lingerie on. You could mention to him that if he was too warm, he could take off some of his clothes so he wouldn’t be so hot.

With both of you in your underwear, enjoy the movie while sitting next to each other on the couch. If you make it through the movie, I would be surprised.

To keep his attention where it should be, be sure to get up to get drinks, go to the bathroom, Put the left overs in the refrigerator, and any other thing you can think of so you have to walk around in your lingerie. Giving him a good look at what the evening ahead holds for him.

If he gets up to get a drink or go to the bathroom, comment on how hot he must be in his street clothes and that if he wanted to take off his shirt and pants, it is okay with you, or, if he took your earlier suggestion and is already partially naked, comment on how good he is looking and that you like when people make themselves at home, and get comfortable.

This gives your lingerie plenty of time to have the desired effect.

Lingerie is supposed to cover you up, leaving enough showing to tweak his imagination regarding what will be happening. Too many women put on lingerie, and 10 minutes later it is laying on the floor next to the bed. It never had the chance to have the desired effect, which is to work on the guys mind.

If you want to wear lingerie for your man, I highly suggest you do so when you have enough time to give him the full effect of it, not just him saying “That’s nice” and proceeding to unwrap his “gift”.

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