If we stop and look in detail at a woman's drawer or a lingerie catalog, we see that the variety of women's clothing and products is really endless and of the most varied.

Designs, colors, touches, textiles, sizes, uses ... There are a million! Of course when choosing, it all depends on the comfort of each one, the style, the occasion ... But when it comes to attracting, seducing and liking a man, what would you choose? Do you prefer something that you like or better something you know he will love?

Although many women think that men do not give importance to this issue, the truth is that they do care and also have their tastes and preferences quite clear and well defined in women's lingerie.

If in your case, you focus on his priorities and tastes. If you prefer to surprise your boy and that he runs out of breath when he sees you, here are a series of ideas that I have collected to find out what the tastes and preferences of men are as far as feminine lingerie is concerned.

Fundamentally there are 6 key points to “I required to love you” even more than you already love.

If you choose the color black, you will always always be right. Although many may surprise us, for men the black color in lingerie suggests mystery, and it seems one of the sexiest colors. Therefore a safe bet is a set of black panties and bra. To give the sophisticated and chic touch, decide on the one that wears lace.

But if you are more daring, you should definitely bet on a black body.

In addition, men's tastes are simple, in the same way that the colors they prefer are simple. One of them is also the target.

Many men think that it is much sexier to see a woman wearing a lingerie that does not reveal everything. They prefer to match their imagination. To satisfy these desires, a good option is to surprise him with Brazilian lace panties, which can reveal some areas of skin.

On certain occasions, some men recognize that they prefer suggestive lingerie. Combinations in which straps, lace or even latex details come into play. No doubt this type of lingerie is a declaration of intent, which will leave you breathless.

Declared by them: the garter belts and sexy stockings go crazy. Accompany them with beautiful heeled shoes and you will have it "eating from your hand." Given this combination, your legs will look much more stylized and beautiful, boys love beautiful legs. If you also accompany it with a beautiful set, success is assured.

If you don't like black, nothing happens. Opt for Plan B, the Red. Most men like red lingerie. It is a color that suggests passion and elegance.

We all know that if they were for them, they would prefer you not to take anything to sleep. But before an election, men opt for mischief, which enhances female curves.

What is the lingerie that men like

Any type of lingerie that we choose to surprise them, must have the right size and that is of our size, that feels good to us. If we choose a size smaller than ours, they will notice that the garment is tight.

No complications. As we say, men like simplicity in both colors and shapes. Especially that simplicity that does not complicate the thing when removing this type of garments.

As for the star garments, most men opt for thongs and bras or push-up bras, regardless of the fact that the effect is sometimes not real. What they like least are sports bras.

Where to find the lingerie that men like

You already have the clues. Now I will tell you where to find them ...

As for one million lingerie stores, as many as women and tastes. Most women have our “bedside shops” to buy our underwear. Of course the best known are Intimisimi and Woman Secret.

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