One of the things I discovered many years ago about my Wife is that she did not like being naked AND she did not like me taking off her clothes to make her naked….This frustrated me as sex then was rare and sporadic… even more frustrating considering our ages then…

Lingerie, sleepwear perhaps is more appropriate was a solution for a problem when she was wearing sweat pants and panties, a T shirt and sweat shirt to bed - looking like my Brother not like my WIFE…. So one day I visited a lingerie shop and purchased a lace trimmed chemise, a pair of fairly sheer panties to go with it, not cotton panties - grown up Women’s panties…. and a robe - just in case… and had it gift wrapped and left it on her pillow… That night she wore the chemise and the panties to bed and that night we made love…. She got the idea and I kept on shopping… I started sleeping with my Wife and not a guy… it was a way for her not to be naked but still sexually accessible so she was more comfortable and sex became more frequent and far more regular. We got better at sex and on a consistent basis it became pleasurable …. the wardrobe kept expanding…I kept shopping and she kept on putting these delightful things on…

In the course of this development she alone decided (still decides) what to wear and when. She decided many years ago that she was going to dress for bed each night and that we would make love each and every morning… how is it? How do you think it is?

Last night she chose an Olga Teddy, it provides some level of support and coverage up top while at the bottom there are three snap fasteners at the crotch of that Teddy that undo when she wishes me to undo them and provide quite complete access to her below her waist while retaining some modesty and physical support for her breasts… After foreplay when we are both aroused she decides what position she wishes us to take and she has me give her my mouth, in this case I will then undo those fasteners I like giving her oral sex… When she is well sated, she forces me to stop and we engage in intercourse….

Teddies, body suits, chemises, babydoll, mid length, long night gowns… with panties, without panties, with crotchless panties, with panties that unfasten at the crotch with snaps, hook and eye fasteners, zippers… you get the idea so long as there is access with minimal need to undress her she is pleased and so am I…

I never figured we would ever get to the stage were we make love each day, every day and do so for year after year and still very VERY much like it and each other… So I can not speak for other men but I can speak for myself, Lingerie was one of the keys to a locked puzzle and it is still very much valued and appreciated by me… Good sleepwear that facilitates practical physical access for couples to engage in sex is incredibly valuable to a good marriage.

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