That said, the kind of attire that I find to be the sexiest on women is any kind of 3/4 sleeve top. Even long sleeves and sweaters are extremely sexy if they are rolled up. Something about exposed forearms on women drive my excitement up to astronomical levels, though this depends on my mood and circumstances.

Nude women are only sexy if they are engaged in sexual activities, but even in this case, clothed women—especially if they’re wearing 3/4 sleeves—engaging in these activities are much more exciting to me.

Simple nudity has no excitement for me because there’s nothing sexual or arousing about it. So nude women just being casual drops my excitement down to near zero. A nude woman walking down the street is about as “sexual” as watching paint dry. Now, I don’t know—maybe some people find that weirdly arousing, but I sure as heck don’t!

So, between women wearing lingerie and women being nude, lingerie is considerably sexier than nudity could ever be, regardless of the situation. When the body is covered up and being shown off in such attire, I can easily “undress” with my eyes and imagine what the full body would look like underneath. This also goes with swimsuits as most adult swimwear seems to be lingerie that society insists is acceptable in areas with water.

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