You may not know what your favourite lingerie type is. There are a lot of options available to us in terms of lingerie, so it may be hard to find a consensus. My favourite lingerie would have to be the lingerie that supports you fully. The sexiest lingerie does this. But I am not talking about everyday bras either; I am talking about lingerie that supports you from head to toe - from your shoulders to your knees - and supports your whole body.

The old bra and panties are something that no longer exists in today's lingerie market. Women should be empowered to choose their lingerie. Instead of being discouraged by saleswomen on maternity and fancy dress days, you should be allowed to select a lingerie based on your tastes. If you do this, you will create the image of yourself and will take your lingerie buying to a whole new level. My favourite lingerie is something that is comfortable, supportive and sexily sexy. A fantastic bra, for instance, with a built-in bust line can be very sexy because it supports you from head to toe.

My favourite lingerie has to be the ones that support me completely. Imagine if you have a pair of sexy panties or a garter belt and the material can only partially cover your backside. That is going to look silly! I don't think that the underwear companies want to be inclusive with their customers, because it will make their clothing less sexy less. So if you wear underwear that is too tight, maybe it is time to look at some more comfortable panties and see if you can get your panties to fit in some other way. Like if your panties have a garter belt, maybe you could take it off or try a thicker garter belt. There are many options available.

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