Do you mean sexy lingerie? I hope so.

I am usually very reserved when it comes to my body, and I was extremely terrified to wear sexy lingirie for the first time. I hate my body. I hate every inch of it. I had so many hypothetical horror stories going through my mind beforehand.

I went to the store and let the lady behind the counter know whats up. My stomach looks like a deflated balloon and my breasts have had all the life sucked out of them. Sorry if that is too much information but that is actually what I said.

That lady was fantastic. She ran around helping pick things to try, even though from the get go she knew my budget was limited. I ended up with a gorgeous piece that was extremely comfortable, made me feel confident and was very reasonably priced.

And of course, my partner loved it. He wanted me to get more, and still does! I am really proud of myself for having the courage to do that. Any man that could make me feel loved enough to wear something like that was obviously never going to hurt my feelings about it.

I've heard of a lot of stories about this, where the man ends up having a terrible reaction though. If anybody reading here has experienced this, please remember that being brave enough to put yourself out there is a beautiful thing, regardless of consequence. Any man who would use this situation as an oppurtunity to hurt you is not worthy of your love.

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