That is such a subjective question that the answer would be different for every individual.

For the purposes of answering this question, I will assume that the OP is female & is trying to look sexy for a man.

A few general points to consider:

  1. Perceived sexiness is viewed through the eye of the beholder. It helps to know what your partners tastes are. For example, if he hates corsets, then you will never look sexy in one (in his eyes).
  2. You get what you pay for. Avoid cheap lingerie as it’s workmanship (cutting, stitching, design, etc.) will be inferior & will not hold up to normal wear without losing shape or otherwise falling apart. It will also likely feel “cheap” to the touch.. That’s not sexy.
  3. Make sure that the lingerie fits you properly. Spend a few extra dollars & have your lingerie professionally fitted. Some will make exceptions to this rule by wearing bras that are slightly undersized, making their boobs appear to be larger but that looks really tacky if carried too far.
  4. Try to be bold with your body language, exuding plenty of self confidence while wearing your lingerie. If you appear to look the least bit uncomfortable while in this state of dress, then it will make your partner uncomfortable as well.
  5. Smile. It doesn’t need to be a full on grin but a seductive twinkle of the eye will get lots of mileage.
  6. Play up your best physical features & play down your worst ones. Most women have a pretty good idea about their best features. Many women unconsciously do this on a daily basis by wearing high heels to accentuate their already long legs. For example, if you’re flat chested, don’t bother wearing a push up bra. Men tend to see this as insecure.
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