What I would say is what is definitely NOT sexy in bed… !!! you can start eliminating and then I will suggest you what else you can try..!!!

  1. Cotton panties, bras are absolute TURN OFFs. Never think those are sexy no matter how it look on the model you are saw before buying
  2. Knickers in Cotton/viscose/hosiery material, those granny style bra are absolute NO NO

The materials that are more sensual are Satin, silk, Lace and Lycra. See what you got in these materials. Then comes the colors… Black, Red/Wine are all time sexy. You can pull off with White and Nude as well but you need to accessorize them more.

Check with your husband what kind of lingerie he likes… he may like florals prints while Most men like overlay dual tone lingerie more.

Then strappier the lingerie, see through, softer it is, the sexier it looks n feel. Then some men really love Stockings and Garter belts. Pantyhose may look good but not in bed as these need to be completely removed.

Do not forget sexy heels… High heels are always a turn on for men. Do not worry if she removes/peels off every piece of clothing from your body as he wants to feel your skin… its just the visual treat that he would appreciate.

below are few pics of me in my lingerie…!!!

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