I find that direct threats work the best…

“I bought it, now somebody is going to wear it. It’ll either be you or me! And I’m warning you… If it’s me, I’m going down swinging! Because it’s crotchless and there’s no support down there…

Do take care that if you use this tactic, timing is important! Are her parents coming to visit any time soon? Maybe the ladies group from church? If the threat is the statement, the timing is the exclamation point!

Unless you enjoy it. Then you might have a different exclamation point… But that’s a conversation for a different answer…

Ultimately, the question boils down to why your wife doesn’t want to wear lingerie. Is she ashamed of her body? Does she have something against lace? Was she attacked by a Victoria’s Secret model over the last piece of lettuce in the salad bar?

Whatever the reason, do your best to help her work through it. If she feels unattractive, show her how beautiful you think she is. If she’s unhappy with her body, find lingerie that complements her body type and help her see the beauty that you see in her.

If it’s the model thing, you’re on your own.

Talk to her. Let her know that it’s something that turns you on. Find out if there’s anything you could wear that would turn her on! Are you a tighty whitey man? Throw on some boxers and rock her world. If you prefer to know where everything is at all times, boxer briefs might be your answer…

Sometimes it just takes a little quid pro quo to get up and go!

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