The most logical method would be communication. Have an open talk with your husband and tell him you would like to try wearing some sexy lingerie around the house, when it is just the two of you their. Tell him you would like his help in selecting something that he likes and would be comfortable and fits the bill.

Once you have selected something, be sure to wear it and wear it often. Wear the outfit when you aren’t doing anything, or when you are busy. Wear it when you are cooking dinner, or vacuuming. Wear it when you are relaxing and watching TV. Show him that you like it and want him to also.

If you want, you should also tell him that you think it would be nice if he were to wear something sexy and comfortable also, then buy it for him. Whether it is silk pajama’s or even matching lingerie. I am reasonably certain he will enjoy that.

My passed wife did something similar to this. She wanted me to wear very feminine panties so I wouldn’t cheat on her. The end result was that I liked the comfort of panties and it also turned her on. I typically would kick off my pants when we were sitting around watching TV and she would wear some comfortable lingerie. We both enjoyed each others bodies and it had become normal for us to rub and hold each others private parts. It wasn’t done as a prelude to sex, it was done because we enjoyed making each other feel good.

I should add that I never did cheat on my wife. I would have been too embarrassed to drop my pants in front of anyone while wearing some of the panties that she had bought me. They were all very lacy and/or frilly. Eventually, she did let me pick out some very plain panties that could have easily passed for men’s underwear. Yes, they were/are, much more comfortable than men’s underwear.

The main component is communication. If you to each other, you may be surprised by the outcome. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. what you think looks good and what he thinks looks good could be worlds apart! It would probably be best if you shopped together. Also, when shopping together, try your selections on, taking him into the fitting room with you so he can see how it looks also. Also, he should do the same. Have him try things on while you are in the room with him so you both agree to whatever each other will be wearing.

Finally, if you want, you might lay out what you want him to wear and when your day is through and you are getting into the relax mode, tell him you have put his clothes on the bed for him. You might ask him to do the same. This should set the mood for the evening.

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