For many women, what men think, when they see them without clothes is a matter of conversation and speculation. In fact, almost all of us are very curious to know. Do you want to know what goes through your head at that time? Find out!

We will begin by emphasizing that men in general, try to appear a certain normality, when in reality, inside they are usually dying of nerves.

We tell you that while you are undressing and paying attention to whether they are looking at you or not, biologically the man has certain symptoms. Among which they emphasize that the blood flows in a slower way compared to how it flows normally and your heart starts beating very fast.

As for the mental, the man is gradually losing the ability to connect his thoughts with ideas. It is absolutely true when it is said that they "lose their heads", at least at that moment. Your brain is in tune with the bodily sensations and with the sexual act, which occupies your entire brain, there is no energy left for anything else.

Although they try and at times, they can do it, to hide their expressions of amazement and in general, they try to give the impression of staying sane, in reality they are not.

If the above caught your attention, then we will go into detail about the most common thoughts of men when they see women without clothes.

During daily life, when we run into men, we can often see that men make a great effort, sometimes tremendous, to keep their eyes on the woman's face and not elsewhere, that they could call more attention , such as breasts or buttocks. As women are bothered that they are looking at us there, and that action can also be frowned upon, in general men are a bit obliged to strive to face us.

All of the above changes radically when generating a sexual encounter. Finally, they have a space where they can be uninhibited and not only can they look, but they are also allowed to play, so they finally have all the freedom to feel the female body in detail.

With regard to women, they have generally prepared for that moment and are willing to be observed, touched and want to be admired and praised. They don't usually feel uncomfortable. Although this last point, depends entirely on man.

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