Without beating arohnd the bush and giving lectures about why inner beauty is more important… Lingerie makes a woman look sexier… Period. All men find it sexier if the woman is wearing some nice sexy lingerie. Those who dont are just “exceptions”.

what makes anything appear sexy is the basic psyche that leave something to the inagination of the person observing it. Do not hide wverything which results in nothing to think about or going conpletely bare which leaves nothing to inagination.

idea is to cover some while leaving rest of the skin visible. wear a bra that covers the breasts enhancing the shape and size but make it sheer to give lot to imagine. lace or mesh materials are great. Wear panties giving hints but not revealing. The legs look amazing in sheer stockings as it shows the legs shape but covers the skin to be silky smooth. Wear some teddy/bodysuit that is very sheer. Such sheer materials covers any skin flaws while enhancing shape. If it looks in good shape, the assjmption is it would feel good too.

Imagine wearing best of makeup but the ugly stretch marks are visible all over the body… that would be such a turn off. Wear fabrics that are soft, smoother, sheerer… thats what gets the best impression.

Search or some good brads catalogues onlike like “Agent Provocateur”, Victorias secret, leg avenue and it will give u some great ideas.

It will surely spice up your sex life as well.

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