There is quite a few different things going on here that psychologicaly entice the man when he sees a woman in lingerie or even just sees lingerie on its own.

Mens primal instincts attract them to the woman so there is no real mystery there. The woman is the ultimate prize like that best Birthday or Christmas present you ever got given.

Imagine that best gift ever wrapped in a garbage bag or newspapers and it would kind of kill the mood and quell the excitement a little. Thats why we do up our gifts in a fancy wrap with lots of color and ribbons and bows.

Similarly the woman in lingerie is presenting herself (in the males mind) as a well wrapped gift just looking all pretty and nice but he still wants to tear the wrapping off to get to the gift inside.

Also some lingerie apears more complex than it is and presents a chalenge to the male in its removal and immediately invokes thoughts of “What and how much do I need to remove before the parts I want are accessible” men love a challenge and love to win.

Lingerie is soft and silky unlike most things that men wear and when placed or rubbed against a mans skin can feel very pleasing and erotic and start tingling sensations they would love to have on other parts of their body as well as all over their body all at once. Used correctly you can easily overload a mans senses when wearing lingerie and send him into a state of bliss that he can neither control or prevent and he wont want to either.

Also the advertising for lingerie presents it as something hidden and mysterious and usually the item when worn gives hints of itself with a touch of lace showing at the breast area or a strap and clasp showing just bellow the skirt at the top of stockings. It becomes like a hidden treasure the man must seek out and reveal making him more interested in the wearer as she also must be a mystery.

The colour of lingerie can also speak subconsciously to men:

White = Pure and fresh and innocent like a new bride or a gorgeous Bo Peep type figure that the man has to take by the hand and finaly make a woman of.

Black = A woman who knows what she wants who has dark desires and probably carries the matching whip in her bag. The outfit is shiny like latex but with the touch of lace presenting like a well wrapped gift so the man sees visions of a dominatrix who wants him and will dominate him, tie him to the bed and ride him into the sunset.

Red = A very racey woman similar to the Black but possibly even more evil but esier to get because she is out for blood and she doesnt care whos it is. She will dominate him but from below and just when he thinks he is in control she will dig her nails into the soft flesh of his back and behind to remind him he is there to feed her desires.

Blue/Purple/Pink = A more exciting lover than your normal White lingerie wearer but with a touch of experience and colourful attitude. The Purple conjures images of the black Dominatrix outfit but with a kinder, softer and more sensual approach.

Now to my knowledge, none of the above is true of the wearer but the color and style of lingerie will trick a mans brain into thinking along these lines.

Ad other things like corsets and the man thinks bondage elements. So a white corset he sees the soft meke woman is in bondage. His for the taking and to set free if he wants. A black corset and he sees this woman again as a dominatrix who will make him her love slave.

Its all psychological and different men will think along different lines but the above is true for MOST men and their thought processes.

Now the other big thing that more and more men are starting to admit to but would be very hard to coax out of your average man…..

Many many men are drawn to the softness and the sexiness and the strappy bondage like body coverage and are actually wondering what it would feel like to be dressed up in the lingerie themselves.

Since it would probably kill the mood and the moment if the man said “Can I try that on when you take it off” he will just look over every inch of it closely and rub as much of his own body against the woman and her lingerie just to catch a hint of what it might be like to be wearing it himself. Then usually his prize for missing out on the sensation of wearing it and not asking to do so is the sex which he is quite happy with as well.

I guarantee that if a woman in her lingerie were to strip the man naked then slowly remove an item of lingerie from her own body and place it on the man. He would not complain or ask her to stop. And once he was fully dressed in her lingerie she could lay him on the bed and tease his body through and with the silky soft materials and he would not remove a single item until told to or until you removed it from him yourself. You would even find he would happily remain completely dressed through the entire love making process as long as you pulled down the panties for the one bit of essential access required.

Yes I do believe that the alure of lingerie is so strong that most women could seduce any man and have him end up fully dressed in the lingerie himself.

Someone else try it and tell me I am wrong….

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