Adorn Yourself in Women's Anklets
While many types of jewelry are designed for the upper part of your body, women's anklets let your lower regions sparkle and shine, too. Offered in a variety of finishes and embellishment options, these jewelry pieces can be as minimalistic or as impactful as you'd like.

Picking your style of women's anklets
From thick statement bands to delicate strings and single to double strands, women's anklets come in many varieties. The main way to narrow down your search is by picking your style. Chains, a popular option, are a traditional choice. Embellishments such as beads and sparkling gemstones provide eye-catching details, and charms dangle from your ankle for a fashionable look.

Plain metal chains offer a timeless look because of their versatility. Go for thicker ones to make a statement or delicate options for an understated appearance. You can also choose link chains for a classic selection, or braided types, which are often stronger and more durable.

Beads and gemstones
To liven up your anklets, try adding adornments such as beads or gemstones. Beads offer a down-to-earth vibe to pair well with casual outfits. Meanwhile, semi-precious and precious stones look more upscale so that your anklet pairs well with a dressed-up ensemble. For full-on glamour, add rhinestones.

As the ultimate statement maker, charms dangle from your women's anklets for noticeable embellishments. Look for smaller add-ons if you'd prefer to minimize noise and interference, or go big with standout charms that show off your style in the most visible way.