Posted by on Mar 17th 2020

Baby Blue in the Summer ♥

Hi loves! My intention was to post early in the morning today so that you`ll be able to relax while following my latest post. But not always I manage to do everything in time.
Moving on, today I want to show you my favorite long dress that is extremely comfortable for this kind of weather. Even more, I think that I recently became a baby blue addicted. I just ordered so many items in this color that I realized only when all the orders reached me and I saw a sea full of clothes :)) And you should understand that were not necessarily that many, but that everything was covered in blue.
Also, as you can see I decided to go for gold details. I think they make the perfect match with the dress, but I have to mention that this combo was possible due to the fact that I also managed to get some tan. Imagine how horrible this outfit would have looked if I had the pale, white skin?! I don`t encourage an excessive tan, but we can all agree that bright colors look perfect on someone with, at least, a bit of tan.
I really hope you like this outfit and I will wait for your impressions. Sorry for my tired face but it was a hell of a weekend :D I loved it and I have to thank my lovely friends for making my birthday so awesome.
As the last thing: I`m looking at these pictures and I think it is absolutely necessary to get a new camera... improved one. Hmm, new aspect to reflect on :D
Don`t forget to check the details about the items you love in the " I was wearing" section :D
Wish you all a wonderful day ♥
Kisses, Manuella

I was wearing:
White Dress
Ray Ban Sunglasses
Leather Bag
Marc Jacobs Watch
Fashion Sandals