Choosing Women's Earrings for Style and Comfort
Pierced or clip-on women's earrings traditionally sit around the earlobe but can also extend upward to the helix or dangle below the lobe itself.

The many styles of women's earrings
Balls and studs offer simple choices for everyday wear, while dangles and hoops add a hint of movement. For a look that extends past standard piercings, cuffs, wraps, and crawlers all reach between the lobe and the helix. Make a statement with striking gemstones, or use earring jackets to heighten the effect. For ears without piercings, clip-ons are safe, stylish options.

Balls and studs
Ball earrings utilize materials such as gold and silver to create their classic design. Wear them day or night for a traditional look that accentuates every outfit. Similar in style, studs are plain designs that hide posts and give the appearance of floating accents. Gems with prong settings are commonly used to create the effect.

Clip-ons, cuffs, and wraps
If you don't have pierced ears, you can still decorate your ears with clip-ons, cuffs, and wraps. Many cuffs recreate banded designs that are used alone or across the entire ear. The construction of wraps may include clips or similar pieces to keep the earrings in place. Running from the lobe to helix, these statement pieces can feature accents such as diamonds or exotic shapes.

Drop, dangle, and hoop
Both drop and dangle earrings fall below the lobe. Gemstone versions sparkle as they move, while polished metals offer a subtle glow. Hoops come in various sizes and widths, with silver, platinum, and white gold being popular material choices.