Posted by on Sep 21st 2020

ebay 20 Piece Makeup Brush Set

To me it seems like everyone in the beauty world is obsessed with contouring and brushes, myself included. However, when it comes to buying different products and tools I firmly believe in sticking to a budget and finding a secret gem.

After browsing ebay for a little while I came cross these black makeup brushes that came in a set of 20 brushes. I thought for $8 why not give them a try. You have no idea how surprised I was to find out that these brushes are really nice. Shipping took exactly a week so that isn't too bad.

My number one pet peeve about brushes is shedding. It grosses me out to the fullest to have a little fiber or hair stuck to my face while I'm putting on my makeup. These brushes do not shed at all. I have been constantly pulling on them over the past few days and I've had no shedding.

The only thing I can say negative about these bushes is that the handle might not be durable in the long run. They are super light so just watch for that if you decide to try them out

Pros -

No shedding

No smells


Wash easily

Cons -

Light (handle might no be durable)