Posted by on Mar 16th 2020

First of September? So what?!

I know is September already but I have promised you for a while that I will tell you my secret regarding the swimming benefits: beside the fact that you get in shape, you can also obtain the perfect and healthy tan even more that these days, the sun is not that strong as it was in the mid summer.

As you may know, I was a professional swimmer for 12 years. I don`t want to talk too much about it, but swimming was and it still is part of my life. And each summer, I obtained the perfect tan which usually kept until November or so. I have to admit that I was exposed to the sun at least 2 hours per day but it was not dangerous at all.

So usually when I am going to the swimming pool I do the following things:

1. Get the smaller & simple swimsuit :)) you don`t want to look like a zebra or something. I usually have to 2 types of swimsuits. One like in the picture, let`s call it the classical one and another one with not straps, the so called balconette. I change them once in a while in order to eliminate the unaesthetic marks.

2. Always shower before you enter the swimming pool and stop using the sun cream or sun oils before entering the swimming pool. Is not healthy for you and for those around you. Even more is not ok if you are not really a good swimmer because if you need help, the people that may help you are not able to keep your hands on you because your skin is way to slippery.

3. I know you`ll ask me how can you protect your skin if you don`t use the creams. Well the answer is simple. You`re not protecting it. When you swim, the water has the mirror effect and you`ll get the perfect tan, all over your body, uniformly. You won`t get burns, you`ll avoid the red skin aspect and you`re skin won`t be irritated.

4. You should swim for at least an hour, without too many, long stops at each side of the swimming pool. After one h you`ll already see the skin tone difference :D

5. Last but not least, I will talk about what should be done after the training: First of all take a shower. The pools water usually contains chlorine and this is not really healthy for your skin and even more it makes it drier. After that, when the skin is still a bit wet, you have to apply the after sun cream. I usually use it because it is more beneficial and it hydrates my skin better than any other cream.

Remember your skin is dry due to the chlorine and you have also been exposed to the sun light. Just for the fact that you did not got sunburned doesn`t mean that your skin is ok and as mentioned, in combination with the chlorine will make your skin even drier.

Also, since it`s already September, the sun is not that powerful as it was in the mid summer. One more aspect that you should consider. So if there are any open swimming pools around you, now is the perfect moment to relax and train in the same moment, plus you get the bonus: The perfect tan :D

I might have forgot some details but remember take care of your skin and look gorgeous in the same time! Even more, I want to mention that this is my personal advice and that some things may differ from person to person.

I hope you have a wonderful day and I will share with you more pictures from the swimming pool tomorrow!

Kisses, Manuella ♥