Galaxies on Nov 20th 2020

Galaxy skirt and mouse ring c/o-, Blouse c/o- Jovanna London,

Leather jacket c/o- Collection B, Ring- Nasty Gal, suspender tights- Urban outfitters,

Lavender satchel- goodwill

I'm weird about wanting to be different.

All my life Ive wanted to have and do other things that others didn't. And once they obtained those things that I had I suddenly became less interested in them. I've always had a NEED to have an identity separate from those that I knew. Take a dress for example.

If I have a dress that I adore and wear often and one of my friends says.. So would you be mad if I got the same dress? or.. I got a dress that kind of looks like your favorite one!

I'm pissed. I admit it. I would be very mad and feel like I'm losing a bit of my identity.

I'm not the most different unique girl in the world, but I know I'm different than a lot of girls in my town. And I love that. I love dressing different and having those incredible shoes that no one has seen and might think are weird. Okay, now I sound like a crazy hipster. But I HAVE TO HAVE my own identity at least out of the people I know. I would hate to have a troop of girls who dressed like me or were into the same things. Friends are supposed to take an interest in like things, not necessarily the same exact things. When I was high school girls would say.. "oh that's a pretty blouse!" Then they would have it on the next week and not say a word about it. What the heck man?

This is especially true about photography. There are some photographers I know that just get under my skin hardcore. Photo stalking is pretty easy with facebook these days and some of those people will literally do anything to get ahead.

but then again, I've always been plagued with weird single white female types.

Should I be flattered? Annoyed? Let it go?

Does anyone else feel like this?