Shoulder Bag

Free up your hands by carrying everything you need in a shoulder bag. As the bags are roomy and their weight is distributed to your shoulder, you can carry more anywhere you go.

Shoulder bag materials
Shoulder bags embody sleek, sophisticated, and even sporty designs that are perfect for everyday use. Popular designers include Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Nine West, and the most common materials include leather, canvas, and polyester.

There are a variety of leather styles available, each with unique and desirable characteristics. Lamb leather is soft and supple, making it a smart choice for formal events or business settings. Caviar leather is just as luxurious and has the added bonus of being practically scratch-proof. Cowhide is another popular for its smooth surface and easy maintenance requirements.

Canvas shoulder bags are among the most durable. This material is extremely sturdy, so it can withstand just about anything you throw at it, from treks in the rain to a toss into the back seat. Canvas doesn't scratch, and it takes considerable effort to cut or tear it. Use one as your daily bag, or keep one on hand for use on overnight trips.

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