Posted by on Mar 17th 2020

Good Morning

Good morning loves! Well, it may be a late one but I`m sure that you`re going to enjoy this post. It full of colors and joy; at least in my opinion. I love this season and I want to spend every second of it at the fullest.
Sometimes, I have to admit that I love to wear classy black items. But when I am and I still want to be full of energy I completely change the vision of my outfits. I think that most of the times, what we wear and how we choose to be, influence a lot our mood and spirit.
But, maybe you`ll love it or maybe you`ll say that is a crazy combination. Indeed, I`ve tried something different because I just realized that it doesn`t matter how many things we own, there are still some items that we completely neglect.
In my case, I found that I don`t own a pair of red sandals and a royal blue bag. At least I don`t really remember to own them :)) I know that somewhere in my closet, I have a pair of red pumps, maybe from last year and they saw the light just once. But sandals, nope. I decided to face the situation and I just ordered one. Do you imagine it? :D
Regarding the bag, I still don`t have in my mind the perfect shape and from where to buy it. But I`m thinking to make a smart investment and to buy one that is both extremely gorgeous and qualitative. So, I`m coming with a proposal and I will ask you to share with me your impressions: Check it HERE ( By clicking "HERE" you`ll be directed to my specific bag ♥). I have to tell you that this is not my final decision and I will search more for one that will make a statement :D
So, I hope you like my newest post and wish you all a wonderful day!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Zara T-shirt and Skirt
Michael Kors Bag
Mac Jacobs Watch
Inia Lavin Fringe Boots