How A Hot Tub Can Boost Your Well-Being This Summer on Oct 25th 2020

AD - This is a paid advertorial but all thoughts are my own

Although we’re in Essex, my boyfriend’s parents live in Lincolnshire and one of my favourite things about their house is their hot tub. I have spent MANY long hours in that hot tub, by myself, staring at the stars (they live in the middle of the country so stars are always out in full magical force), chatting with his Mum or having a little date night with my boyfriend himself. That’s one thing I’ve really missed in lockdown!

Hot tubs have SO MANY benefits both mentally and physically and whilst you’ve always got to express caution, follow guidelines and ensure it’s safe for you to use (in regards to any pre-existing medical conditions), a hot tub can provide you and the family with a lot of happiness over the Summer (and into Winter of course!)

So if a hot tub has been on your radar for a while and you need convincing, here are some health benefits of getting a hot tub this Summer:

Helps with muscle aches and pains

I suffer with a lot of lower back pain due to posture and having a FAR FROM IDEAL work set up. So the hot tub was an absolute GOD SEND for that. It was a hot tub with jets and different settings so blasting that hot water onto my lower back was heavenly. If you’ve been working out a lot or have a pulled muscle, a hot tub could be really beneficial.

Stress relief

There’s something about hot water isn’t there? Whether it’s a bath or a hot tub, it can be super relaxing and almost wash the stress of the day off of you. I found a lot of moments like that when using a hot tub. It was perfect to relax in after a hard day working non-stop (which although I was technically "away" I still took my laptop with me and worked). A really great option for a bit of Summer self care!

Sensual date night

You could also have a pretty romantic date night in a hot tub so getting a hot tub could be a fantastic way of spending more quality time with your partner. Get out the wine and the chocolates or strawberries and just enjoy each others company in the hot water. Although always be cautious when drinking alcohol in a hot tub.

Quality family time

It’s also a great way to spend more time with the family. Grab the kids, grab some snacks and spend a fun couple of hours in the hot tub! You could play games in there like word association or eye spy, listen to music, chat and be with each other as well as all the other incredible health benefits along with it!

Helps you sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 30 million Brits suffer from insomnia but a study in the ‘Sleep’ journal shows that going in a hot tub at night before bed will help you sleep quicker and much more soundly whilst your body cools. It’s the same for having a bath before bed but personally, hot tubs are much nicer! Because…

Allows you to spend more time outside

Of course being in a hot tub means you’re spending more time outside in the fresh air and that is ALWAYS a positive and has many health benefits of it’s own, so combined with the benefits of a hot tub, that’s a huge well-being boost for you right there!

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Do you own a hot tub? Would you like one? What benefits have you found from using one?