Posted by on Mar 16th 2020

I still dream about the summer

White and gold are the top fav combinations of the summer. Sure, when it comes to me. I just love how the gold accents fit the pure white clothing items and the previous days when I wore this outfit I couldn`t help myself and I picked the summer essentials (and not only, but in this combination for sure).
But I have to confess that I see this dress in many other combinations like for example with over the knee boots, a black/silver bag and a wonderful hat :D Simple yet, it brings you the feeling of an early autumn. But, today was not that day. Even more, I know is getting colder but is more than great outside and for me is the perfect weather when I can wear anything I want and feel great without being too cold or too hot.
So, I hope you enjoy my summerish outfit because as far as I`ve heard bad weather is so close and I already had prepared some Autumn outfits :D
Wish you a wonderful night
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
White Dress
Freyrs Mirror Shades
Denim shorts
Inia Lavin Gold Fringe Boots
Moschino Bag
Marc Jacobs Watch