Posted by on Mar 23rd 2020

Inia Lavin and fringes for this season

Hi girls! I hope you all enjoy this wonderful weekend, because it`s extremely gorgeous outside. In my case, I decided to make this post before going out and tell you a bit about my small project that was a bit secret until now. About two months ago, I`ve told you that I`m dedicating my time to something special, that takes me a lot of time and energy.
Well, it`s time to share more with you. You know, I have a thing for shoes and especially for heels. So taking into consideration my passion, I decided to create my very first Shoes Collection, called "Inia Lavin". If you wonder what is the connection between this name and myself, simply turn the name and you`ll find that it becomes "Lavinia". Is my second name and I know that just a few of you knows it, but it`s time to make it famous :)).
Maybe you have seen lately on my instagram account preview pictures with some of the shoes that were released last week :D There are more to come but today I will present you my very first pair.
I love that this season fringes make a statement and I decided to wear them with style, by adding a wonderful touch to a simple pair of sandals. For the moment they are available on khaki and red but also they can be customized according to your preferences.
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
White Dress
Inia Lavini Shoes
Dasha Bag
Pandora Bracelet
Wood Watch