Posted by on Mar 16th 2020

Last days of summer had came.. Sad Face :(

Hello again loves :D As you can see, I`m doing my best to post as much as I... and you want. Don`t get me wrong, for me is work mixed with pleasure so is not that bad. But I recently heard that blogging is not like you work and the only thing we do is pictures.... I mean, yes we take pictures but this is just a small part of blogging. You can include here online shopping, free gifts, travels fashion shows... only glitter and sparkles :))
Please find the irony in my phrase :D It is all about this, but much more... You think is fun to take pictures and is great to go to events right? Well try and take pictures and not only for facebook and instagram daily and answer me what do you think after that :D P.S.: When doing pictures I remind you that you have to do it at a specific hour because is the perfect sunlight :)))
Also remind yourself to keep deadlines, to answer the emails and to remember everything you have talked and promised to everybody otherwise you`ll be seen as untrustworthy. Believe me, I also forgot about different things but still I use my notebook and write down everything with highlights, hearts and unicorns :)). I know... Old School, but for me the phone notes don`t work :))
I will end up with this and please consider it as a piece of advice, being for all the girls that asked me how to start a blog. The start is always easy but you have to know how it will be when you`ll truly start blogging. Don`t get me wrong, but many people had started a blog, but soon enough they also end it.
Regarding the outfit, well you can fell it, is in the air... Yes, I`m talking about the autumn, cold air, together with the migratory birds. But we still have time to enjoy the weather and as I just saw a funny pictures of two cats, I have to tell you that I`m off to the swimming pool. A new training together with some tan because I have to make the most of it since September is so close :))
I hope you can be inspired by the new outfit and also by the blogging suggestions.
Wish you all a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

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Marc Jacobs Watch
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