LeBlanc Spa Resort Cancun on Oct 24th 2020

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing by the shore on a quiet morning after a well rested night sleep just in time for breakfast in bed. That’s what you can expect and so much more if you stay at LeBlanc Spa Resort Cancun. LeBlanc Spa Resort is an adults only all inclusive luxurious hotel that offers anything and everything you can imagine including lavish accommodations, 24-hour room service, world-class dining, wireless Internet, in-room double whirlpool tubs, butler service, nightly turn down service, etc.

As we are gearing towards chiller temperatures, who wouldn’t be attracted to the thought of a getaway or vacation to a destination with tropical weather and tons of sun? Cancun is also a short flight from NYC with several airlines offering direct flights. I’ve been to Cancun before, but it was during a holiday break in college. I knew this time, I had to upgrade and was fortunate that LeBlanc Cancun was able to host me for four days.

I think a lot of us may associate all inclusive resorts being an average experience offering mediocre food and beverage. However, LeBlanc Cancun would undoubtably change your mind because my stay was extraordinary and was the complete opposite of what I would’ve imagined being an all inclusive resort. Not only was the service top notch considering that I, along with all the guests, had access to a butler that was beyond attentive and catered to my needs, but the restaurants offered some of the best foods I’ve ever had at a resort.

There are seven dining options to choose from (with only one being closed at the moment) with a variety of cuisine ranging from Italian to Mexican to Japanese. My favorite was Yama, which is a Japanese restaurant. I ordered several items from their menu, but I need to rave about their toro sashimi along with their rice ball dessert and Japanese custard pudding because those stood out to me the most. It was flavorful and satisfied my taste buds so much that I decided to dine their twice while I was there! I remember thinking that if this restaurant was located in NYC, it would easily be one of my go to usual spots.

I also really enjoyed the treats and coffee at K`akau because starting the morning with coffee is a negotiable for me. The cafe also offers small pastries and desserts including crepes, macaroons, and chocolate, which were great for on the go, as a pick me up or even after dinner. There is also an ice cream shop right by the pool area and I have to admit I might have been there once or twice during my stay because who can say no to ice cream especially on a beautiful, sunny day? Just make sure you eat it right away or by the shade because it melts very quickly!

I always make it a priority to have breakfast in bed because not only do I feel like it’s a must when it comes to staying at resorts/ hotels, but am I the only one that thinks food taste better when it’s served in bed? You can order in advanced through the LeBlanc mobile app or simply call the butler to arrange it for you. My room also had a jacuzzi and I thought I would be doing the hotel a disservice if I didn’t go in it. It was extremely relaxing and I felt like a child playing with bubbles but also like a real adult as I indulged in the bath salts and essential oils.

Considering that the beach is walking distance from the resort, it’s also convenient to order food by the beach or pool. I love having meals with a view and I mostly ordered snacks and drinks by the pool bars. My go to order were tacos with a side of green salad and a plate of fruit! I also have a thing for hammocks, so whenever I see them, I get excited because they are a symbol of relaxation. I often found myself lounging in one towards the evening, right before sunset.

And speaking of sunsets, I caught them everyday while I was in Cancun. They were subtle yet still beautiful. The two best views at LeBlanc in my opinion are obviously right by the beach and by the lobby entrance because the doors opened to the infinity pool’s view, which was absolutely stunning. The hotel also offers live music and performances at the lobby, which changes daily, so make sure to check that out if you’re there!

Overall, my experience was a much needed one considering everything that’s been going on in the world. I am happy that my first trip since 7 months of not traveling was spent in Cancun because it gave me a sense of peace that I needed for my mental health. I think for those who are itching for a getaway just like I did should consider Mexico as a destination, but more so, should also look into staying at LeBlanc Cancun.

The best part was that everything was included and everything you could ask for is well within your means. The staff here makes it a priority to make the guests feel welcome and comfortable. At the moment, the hotel is only allowing 50% capacity to ensure social distancing. All the staff wore masks and there are hand sanitizers and signs for social distancing everywhere. The place is spotless clean and I felt safe the whole time. I know that a lot of us can be a bit hesitant when it comes to traveling during this time, but I personally had a great time at LeBlanc Cancun and felt like they did everything they could to make my experience an unforgettable one.