Posted by on Mar 16th 2020

Mixing detalis and accessories

Good morning loves!
Today, I`m extremely intrigue. What is wrong with this weather?! I mean we still have 10 official days of summer and the Autumn decided to make it`s introduction now? Beside the fact that I still have so many new items that were never worn... I have to change the wardrobe soon. This is the most difficult process if you ask me. To change the places between the summer items and the autumn/winter ones.
Lucky me, had thought to order some "fall-ish" items recently and earlier this week they arrived. I mean almost my entire outfit. And since I just washed them they were just in front of my face today when I wanted to go out and panic because I don`t see any autumn item.
I don`t know why, but I am sure that I am not the only one that confronted the availability of the clothes these days. But I bet that we all face the weather changes ♥
One more reason to have this weather is the fact that I have to get used with the light and find again the perfect settings for my camera :( So, I have to apologize for these not so qualitative pictures this time. If you wonder... my jeans were khaki... yes indeed, khaki!! I decided to go for a safari/army/casual outfit. You know, it was like the instant coffee: 3 in 1.
I hope you enjoy it and I will prepare some new wonderful posts... more creative since the weather is keeping me home :(
Wish you a wondeful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Zara T-shirt & Jeans
Bershka Animal Print Scarf
Cupcake Bag
Guess Watch
Fashion Hat