My Top 4 Nursing Friendly Style Tips on Oct 25th 2020

Breastfeeding can be tough, in fact so can bottle feeding (I have done both) but the most irritating thing I found was trying to feel stylish when I was wearing ugly nursing clothes. I think most nursing items should be avoided, but if, like me, you’re planing on wearing one of these ugly items here is what I found useful to style them..

My Top 4 Nursing Friendly Style Tips

1.Choose neutral

If you are investing in a nursing specific item choose a neutral colour that is easy to style with everything else in your wardrobe. Invest money in the item being as high quality as you can afford as you will wear it often! This top pictured has been worn repeatedly through both of my pregnancies!!

2. Ensure there is a ‘hero’

When you’re nursing its easy to feel frumpy especially when you have a limited wardrobe, haven’t figured out how to dress your post pregnancy body or you’re stuck wearing the same clothes on repeat. If you have chosen a plain item for your nursing top, pick something to be the hero of your outfit. The hero is something that is the centerpiece. For me it is usually a coat or jacket like the one pictured here.

3. Say yes to prints

We have all been there, you are out at an event and baby decides to vomit all over you, or your breasts have decided it’s the perfect time to leak everywhere. During my time nursing bubba I have always worn a jacket, blazer or scarf with a print. Prints hide all manner of baby marks better than a plain item. It’s also worth remembering that tops and jumpers (if you are layering) should not be a fabric that shows water marks!!

4. Accessorize, accessorize!

Accessories are the easiest way to dress up a look or make it feel, fun, funky or formal. Whether it’s a statement piece like giant earring (becoming the hero) or an interesting belt to take attention away from that boring nursing top, accessories will always make you feel a bit fab.

Add this to a decent dose of dry shampoo and a bright lipstick and you will feel ready for any event!