Expressing Yourself with Women's Necklaces
Women's necklaces are jewelry pieces that allow you to express your style. They're fashion accessories that accentuate your neck and are designed to complement any outfit.

Types of women's necklaces
Choose a necklace based on your clothing or sense of style. With so many different types of necklaces available, you can accessorize outfits that are dramatic, elegant, or eclectic. Necklaces may be costume pieces or feature real gems, and they may be made from fine metals such as gold or silver. Common styles include statement pieces, classic looks, and dainty choices.

Statement pieces
Wear statement pieces when you prefer a bold look. One popular style is the collar, which often features big, chunky jewels or stones. Torque necklaces are stiff pieces that are usually open in the front and look good with V-neck tops and dresses. Big chokers are dramatic, so wear metal ones when you want to look edgy and costume chokers for bold fashion. Y-necklaces are elegant pieces that look good by themselves; they're often adjustable, allowing you to choose the length you prefer.

Classic women's necklaces
Lockets, pearl strands, and pendants are classic styles that add a hint of sophistication. Lockets add a sentimental touch because the small compartment can hold favorite pictures or a lock of hair. Pearl strands add elegance to just about any outfit, whether you're dressing for work, a night on the town, or just an afternoon at the mall. Necklace pendants can feature initials, names, or an array of shapes.

Dainty choices
Dainty necklaces are slim or small pieces that add a feminine touch without being overpowering. Wear multiple skinny chains if you want to be a bit bolder. Because they can feature small pendants or gemstones, these necklaces still allow you to put your personal stamp on your look.