Posted by on Mar 16th 2020

No heels for today

I had prepared this pictures for a few days now and I have to tell you that the text was also another one. You might understand my situation since, each and every day we have a different mood and we also have other things that inspire us.
I had read on another Romanian blog, the "thing with the high heels". I have to admit that those things written there were so true. I mean, I love heels too and I have... I don`t know their number anymore, but let`s say a lot of pairs. But it comes a time, when you can switch to flats without thinking twice.
Is the fact that when your feet hurt, your face is not that confident anymore and the pain is seen in your eyes, no matter how much you fake a smile. Your body language says the same thing as the face and your sex appeal is gone.
This comes from a girl (me :D) that for some years was force to wear high heels somewhere between 8-10h per day. And after each and every day of wearing heels, when I finally managed to get off the heels and changed them with something more comfortable...well that was the true release.
We also look great on flats and with the right attitude as the other blogger said, you`ll be more attractive and you`ll enjoy more the pleasures of life :)) This is too deep, but you got the point.
If you think that is worthy to have a problem with feeling your foot fingers and to have a great pain because as it was in my case, I was stubborn enough to wear the heels until I got home after a long day... well go ahead. But it will be extremely uncomfortable.
The last thing, I just want to clarify everything here. I`m not saying: Stop wearing heels. I`m just saying that for the sake of your feet and for a beautiful aspect, we should, from time to time to switch the heels with some comfortable but still gorgeous pair of flats.
I hope that you`ll consider my advice and I hope it will be useful. Meanwhile, here is the outfit I wore last weekend when I went to see the Southpow movie ♥ It was great, have you seen it?
Wish you all a wonderful week because right now I have to go to the swimming pool :D Kind of missed it!!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Cape Blazer
Denim Shorts
Jessica Buurman Shoes
Michael Kors Selma Medium Bag
Zara T-Shirt