Posted by on Dec 2nd 2019

Our new sofa

New sofa asks for a new haircut and a dedicated shooting with it Kidding, but since I’ve got some questions on my Instastories about our new and big couch, wanted to take some pictures in order for you to see it better. We have a pretty large living room and we’ve always wanted a big sofa, so that we can receive our friends all at once. We have found it at Mavis and the good thing is that you can customize it in many ways, with different types of fabrics and colours. Also, they have two options for the legs, metal or wood. We got the metal silver ones and sprayed them gold in order to match with the rest of the gold details from our living room. We chose velvet as a fabric, because we also have a lot of velvet around the house and it gives that elegant touch. For the colour, we chose navy, as it is pretty neutral and can be combined with many colourful pillows that I plan to change depending on the season.

If you are also decorating your house and you are searching for a new couch or classy elegant furniture, you must check the Mavis website as they have pretty special prices during this period and quick delivery for the items that are displayed in their showroom.