Posted by on Mar 17th 2020

Sometimes simple is better

Is that time when everything I`m wearing needs to be comfy and suitable for the summer heat.You might say: "Oh summer heat, basic items, but boots?" Well, yes, boots because I find them more suitable for this kind of weather than sneakers for example when I need to wear also socks :D
Also I want to tell you that I`m going back to my daily routine: Running, workouts and swimming. For a while now, I just had excuses to skim them and I have to tell you that this is not really good. If you`re also on that moment in life when you want to do something for you and for your body but you don`t find the perfect moment do start it, well, that moment will never come.
You should be extremely ruthless with yourself and do it now. It will be hard and you`ll fell the need to stop and never get back to workouts, but just for a few times. After you skip that moments you`ll see that when you finish everything you have to do, you`ll feel the need to do something and to move your ass to the gym!!
So, I want to tell you that from now on, I think that I will share with you more tips and details of my life, besides the usual outfit posts and fashion related topics. What do you think about this? Fitness, lifestyle, food, places and so on :D I`m thinking about a change in my life and it will be extremely important for me to share this with you and to receive your support!!
Thank you for everything. I really hope that you`ll like my outfit and stay tuned for more :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
H&M T-strap shirt
H&M Shorts
Zara Boots
Leather Bag
Fashion Necklace
Marc Jacobs Watch