Posted by on Mar 23rd 2020

Spring flowers everywhere

Hi loves ♥ Spring it seems that from now on is here to stay. I`m extremely enthusiastic and it seems that this is reflected on how I decide to get dressed each and every day. If a month or two ago, black was my main crush, right now I find my self in the complete opposite position.
What do you think about this change? Is more positive and it even brings me a smile by looking at these pictures. I hope that you don`t understand this wrong, I`m not smiling by looking at my self but all these colors, oh, it just look like spring/summer is here for real this time ♥
That`s it for today, I have to turn back to my dissertation paper... Not that funny anymore but still necessary.
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Print Dress
Michael Kors Bag
Inia Lavin "Marsala Straps" Sandals
Guess Watch
Pandora Bracelet