Posted by on Mar 17th 2020

Summer Heat and Perfect Outfit For It

Good evening girls! I have to confess that today I went out only for my X-Body training at the begging of the day. You might have seen my recent activity and also that Fix Your Body Studio was the one out of so many that I decided to pick and go to. I will stop here with this, because I will make a post for you after my first month in order to tell you more about the results and its efficiency.
Meanwhile, going back o my initial story, I`ve said that I went out only in the morning and after my workout I came back and remained home. Is incredibly hot outside and I just felt like I was melting and the ground beside me doing the same.
But I can give you the right solution regarding what we can wear during the summer days. My pick will be this fluid short khaki dress combined with nude accessories. This is nothing uncommon or unusual to be seen during the summer but my idea is that you can wear this kind of dress in the evening like I did yesterday with a pair of high heels sandals, but also during the day with a pair of gladiators. Don`t you think?
Well, indeed, is not the type of outfit that you can wear at work, but is the perfect idea for a casual day when you decide to take a walk in the park, go for a lunch by the lake or any other activities developed in your spare time.
I really hope you enjoy it and I hope that my next post will include my favorite birthday gift received :D I know I didn`t shared with you more pictures and info but I barely had time to post a picture on instagram ( You know how long it takes for one picture to be uploaded, hahahaha) But I will share with you more in the near future.
Until then, take care of yourself and always wear a bottle of water with you ♥
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Fashion Dress
Zara Sandals
Ray Ban Sunglasses
Leather Bag
Marc Jacobs Watch