Posted by on Mar 17th 2020

Summer Outfit

Good Evening girls :D You might have seen that I am so much into white shirts because I can combine them with everything ♥
But today I want to present you a really special one that I just love and is my favorite lately. I will still try to manage my enthusiasm and go out in something else too, but for sure you`ll see it often on my posts ♥ Also I have to tell you that you can find it at a great price and even more at a discount. So for more info you can click HERE and you`ll be directed to the blouse link.
Even more, If is the sale season, you should check the Kurtmann website because they have incredible items at a great discount. For examle I have these gold sandals from them and they were best buy :D
If I will find anything else be prepared because I will share all the tips with you ♥
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
White Shirt
Short jeans
Zara Sandals
Ray Ban Sunglasses
Leather Bag