Sway Chic on Nov 20th 2020

Floral tights and gold skirt, Jc litas, blouse- H&M, Bag- Naomi and lavender

I want to start off saying thank you to everyone who sent me a sweet and caring comment or email due to my last post. I'm sorry if it came off as grumpy or whiny. But I'm much better now! Not sick or annoyed by friends! You guys are the best, so thank you!

These crazy cool tights were sent to me along with this pretty skirt from! They are a unique and inexpensive online boutique with several locations in California.

They are such a cool store. I fell in love when I went to their Alameda location and picked some gorgeous velvet heels. Seriously check them out and buy something.. or 10 somethings! haha

Luckily for all of my lovely blogger friends, Sway Chic is looking to work with more of us!