Posted by on Mar 16th 2020

The last official day of summer ♥

Yes, indeed!! Today is the last day o summer and I decided to share with you the perfect outfit to celebrate once again a beautiful summer ♥ Like everyone else, I feel like it pasted too fast and that it should last longer but, let`s hope for sunny and hot days that will allow us to fell like we still enjoy the summer.
As I`ve told you, I will spend the day getting that summer tan that will last until late autumn. You can see also in these pictures how my skin changed it`s color from last week. Don`t judge, I`m not abusing it, I combine pleasure with the workout because every single time I am going to the swimming pool I also to a 2000m training.
I hope that I can take some pictures at the pool and share with you my tips about swimming training, perfect tan and the benefits of both of them combined in a future post :D
Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Fashion Jumpsuit
YVY Bags
Pink Bag
Inia Lavin Fringe Boots
FREYRS Sunglasses