Posted by on Mar 17th 2020

What to wear at a pool party- outfit inspiration ♥

Since summer is not over yet, we can still count the pool parties that are to come :D I have to admit that this summer I`m not the owner of the tan I used you with, but things are about to change starting with the next week. Part of my workout program will include swimming hours and guess what...they will take place on the outdoor pool :D
So, here you have my suggestion of what should we wear at a pool party that starts from the evening and takes until morning. In my opinion you can combine the fringes open back dress with a pair of flat gladiator sandals instead of high heels. If a long night will follow, you feet needs to be comfortable, right?
But, you can always go for high heels, you know that I love them, so I would never say never. Since we are talking about high heels, I have to make a small confession of a shopaholic :)) I just ordered a new pair that I`m extremely proud of. I won`t tell you more right now, because I want to safely receive them :)) I will tell you more and show you pictures of them when they will be in my hands, but believe me, they are fabulous ♥
Well, I hope that my outfit can inspire your picks for a pool party and I am curious to hear your impressions and your suggestions too :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Fashion Dress
Gladiator Sandals
Michael Kors Bag
Marc Jacobs Watch
Ray Ban Sunglasses